Nahin Jaun Narak Mojhar (Gujarati)

Nahin Jaun Narak Mojhar (Gujarati)

by Ganivar Vimalprabha Vijayji

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Committing sins such as telling lies, theft, killing, abortion, brutal violence, eating root vegetables, eating after sunset, indulging in sexual relation with others wife/husband leads a soul to Hell. The author has tried to describe the excruciating pain suffered by the soul in hell in such a way that we minimize the sins committed by us in our daily life.

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Additional Info

Author: Ganivar Vimalprabha Vijayji
Editor: Muni Jayaanand Vijayji
Publisher: Shri Guru Ramchandra Prakashan Samiti
Published In: 2012
Language: Gujarati
Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5 in
Length: 138 pages
Binding: Paperback


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